Information Security

Technology designed to protect critical data from hacking, malware, and internal & external threats.

  • Only the user can use the protected storage space through the use of a unique digital key that matches the storage device 1: 1, and the user's secret storage space can not be accessed by any means.
  • It is the best solution for storing, moving, and utilizing personal information as well as core information of companies and organizations. It is suitable for employees who frequent business trips, and for departments handling confidential data.
  • sPouch generable devices: USB, HDD, SDD
  • Supporting OS: Windows 7/Windows 8.1/Windows 10 (Supports NTFS, FAT32, exFAT)
sPouch Raptor

Information security solution that can perform various tasks within the security domain. The technology is sPouch base set in independent domain with real-time encryption & decryption system and can protect data from both internal and external threats.

  • sPouchRaptor not only allows you to store data in an invisible virtual zone, but also allows you to install an operating system so that you can perform more specialized tasks.
  • The security zone is protected by a high degree of encryption algorithms and is designed to protect the user’s important data in data recovery solutions, digital forensic solutions , or any other environment.
Final Backup

Data protection system using backup to protect important data from treats such as ransom ware, malware, and corporation’s internal & external threats.

  • Backs up important corporate data and secures operation continuity by preventing the backed-up data from being encrypted by Ransomware.
  • Save costs on data recovery.
  • Product Type
    • Build Type : New backup server installation or Build in existing backup server
    • Rental Type : Rental use with no installation cost (Rental fee includes maintenance cost)
Data Management Consulting

Providing businesses with solutions for data protection and protection from data leakage from both internal & external for the business to continue operating. Integrate and categorize scattered business data to guide the business in utilizing them.

  • Suggest countermeasures by examining data infiltration factors
  • Examine work environment to identify the sources of information leakage (internal/external) and provide countermeasures
  • Examine business’s information management system on methods of data creation, saving, usage, and termination to present data-based sustainable management measures